OKM Herbal Distributors Package.

Welcome to the money making side of OKM HERBAL. We are excited to have you. Straight to the point as we do not want to bore you;

3 reasons why you should join our team:

1. We are reliable and very affordable 
2. A registered member of the Nigeria Union of Medical Herbal Practitioners
3. Back-end help desk just incase you have any challenges.

Our Wholesalers are entitled to 15 percent off retail prices meaning for example; if you are to buy Intoxic at 3500, as a wholesaler, you get it at 15% * 3500 = 2975. This implies that you makes #525 profit on each intoxic. But if you are selling at your own price, you make more obviously.

Minimum purchase as a wholesaler under OKM Herbal is #50k. With the same example above, 50k can get you 16 intoxic. So we can safely say you can make #8400 (#525 profit * 16). This calculation is assuming you are selling at 3500.

I hope you understand?

You can mix your orders and of course purchase above the #50k threshold. We can help you with;

1. Products recommendations, 
2. Buyers in your district or state,
3. Suggestions on how to sell more.

Looking forward to doing business with you. Thank you.

Warm regards,